Why AARP may be better for retired officers

Once you are 50 years old, it is prudent to join a retirement club so as to continue living a comfortable and fulfilling life. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) are some of the major retirement benefits that any American Citizen can join. One of the major benefits […]

The Risk of Injury on the Job

Being a police officer is a profession like none other: it provides you with experiences that little can rival and allows you to help your community in countless immeasurable ways every day. Helping others is part of the job, but it’s important that you don’t forget to help yourself, too. As an officer of the […]

The Prestige of the Badge

Of all professions, becoming a police officer is without a doubt, the most difficult and tough one. Why? First, the job requires passion and dedication from someone in order for him to become an effective police officer. Second, being a police officer necessitates a lot of courage and perseverance. More than anything else, before anyone […]

Why You Should Become a Police Officer and How to Become One

People are motivated and inspired to become police officers for a lot of reasons, including their desire to help others, to have an exciting and fulfilling career, and simply to have a more respected job with great benefits like a secure retirement plan and a decent salary. However, being a police officer is not always […]