Why AARP may be better for retired officers

Once you are 50 years old, it is prudent to join a retirement club so as to continue living a comfortable and fulfilling life. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) are some of the major retirement benefits that any American Citizen can join. One of the major benefits of joining this club is that members qualify for a wide range of discounts and benefits that are not accessible to non-members.

AARP Benefits

I recently joined AARP and honestly, the discounts and offers that are at my disposal are just amazing. Here is a quick review of some of the benefits to help you get a clear picture of this club.

Travel deals: As a member, you will get to enjoy great rental car discounts in several car rental companies as well as hotels. For example, I am entitled to a 20% discount in hotels such as Wyndham and Sheraton. Additionally, if decide to go for a cruise trip, I will enjoy a 5% off at selected cruise companies such as Norwegian and a 10% discount on Endless Vacation Rentals. Airline companies such as Travelation, CheapOair, One Travel also offer post travel deals for seniors.

Be sure to watch the video on Long Term Care Insurance
Be sure to watch the video on Long Term Care Insurance

Insurance deals: This is one of the supreme factors why you should join this club. Members who register for an auto insurance program via the AARP Auto Insurance Program can save up to $100 on their monthly premiums. However, the rates vary depending on one’s age, driving record, location, health, and other terms and conditions that are stipulated in the agreement document.  We even shopped for the AARP Long Term Care Insurance plan and found a good resource on why they don’t offer that here.

AMAC Retirement club

This is another accredited retirement club that also offers deals such as discounts that are tailored to help its members save money. I joined it almost one year ago and the benefits are nothing short of amazing. Let us briefly look at some of the best deals that you too will enjoy by joining.

Traveler Auto & Home Insurance Deals: One of the leading auto insurance providers, Traveler, is currently offering special rates on home and personal insurance policy to all AMAC members. Some of the benefits include; multiple money-saving discounts, a 12-month auto policy option, 24/7 claim reporting, convenient payment options, and the list continues. Be sure to indicate that you are a member of this club when registering to access these deals.

Car & Truck Rental discounts: This is my favorite deal, Budget and Hertz car and truck rental companies are currently offering 25% and 10% discounts respectively to all AMAC members.

Health and Wellness: Beltone Company is now offering a 20% off retail price on all hearing aid gadgets to all AMAC members. Also, Life Line Screening Company is currently charging members $135 for 4 comprehensive screenings and expert Osteo service for $10.

Other benefits available for AMAC members include dental insurance deals, RoseMark Financial Planning services, Discount Vision Plan, Dental Discount Plans and the list is endless.

Bottom line: Join one of these retirement clubs today to access great deals that will save you money for your other financial obligations.

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