The Prestige of the Badge

Of all professions, becoming a police officer is without a doubt, the most difficult and tough one. Why? First, the job requires passion and dedication from someone in order for him to become an effective police officer. Second, being a police officer necessitates a lot of courage and perseverance. More than anything else, before anyone can become a police officer, an individual must possess selflessness and compassion for others.

With all of the factors to take into account, the question now that lies in the heads of many aspirants or wannabe police officers is really, how to become a police officer? Well needless to mention, the most essential and practical answer that would pop up to everyone’s mind is to enroll in courses related to criminology or join a police academy. That actually is a “no brainer”. Seriously, attending a police academy to become a police officer is almost at the lasts phase of becoming an officer. The issue here is what actually needs to be done or what are the preparations to take upon prior to affiliating with a police academy.

To make things straightforward, the basic requirement that must be addressed before an individual could qualify as a police officer is first to become an upstanding citizen. Being an upright, righteous, decent, and respectable citizen involves having no criminal offense or not being linked to any illegal issue and the like. Naturally, police officers should be role models of society. Second, a police aspirant must fortify his work ethic. An individual must engross himself with pubic-related activities. He must showcase a sense of responsibility and accountability of those around him, in one way or another. As long as possible, an individual may also indulge himself with tasks that are commensurate to a guardian of the citizens or of police. In addition to that, a police hopeful must be physically fit. It warrants emphasis that the work of a police officer is tremendously strenuous and challenging. With this, it is critical for an individual to prepare himself physically.

In addition to the points stressed earlier, a police candidate must be emotionally and mentally fit or prepared. Unavoidably, the work of a police officer entails one to undergo heart-rending and/or poignant cases. Now, if an individual is not emotionally and mentally strong enough, he or she might not be able to succeed in his or her chosen career. Anyway, after all those preparations and more, a police aspirant may now be prepared to fulfill education and other training requirements. Normally, an individual must first pass high school prior to attaining higher education. After this, a police officer aspirant should enroll with a police academy and thrive with all of the training and tests. Commonly, training lasts for 2 to 4 years. After which, a police hopeful must hurdle successfully the examination or licensure for police candidates. Should he be able to pass the examinations, then his dream of becoming a police officer will now turn into a reality.

Without a doubt, becoming a police officer is the most difficult test anyone could embark on. Not to mention the inherent risks that this job introduces and/or imparts to a police officer. Nevertheless, it is all worth it at the end of the road.

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